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Narangala in Sri Lanka

Narangala in Sri Lanka

Narangala is a beautiful hill station located in the Badulla District of Uva Province. The beautiful Narangala mountain rises 1527 meters and is the second-highest mountain in the Uva Province. The mountain is unique in two ways. The first is a rectangular plateau, and the other is a triangular-shaped plateau. The other specialty is the location of Mount Narangala. It is located on the edge of Uma and leads towards the gap between Uma Oya and the valleys.

From Ella take the Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway. Then turn to the Bandarawela – Badulla Road. Go passing Kumbalwela, Demodara, Ketawala. Go down Ketawala-Galauda Road to find Narangala. The climb begins at the Thangamalai Estate. This name means ‘Golden Mountain’ in Tamil. It is made of golden grass that clears the slope of Narangala. One of the most interpretable features of the Narangala is its sharp rectangular mountain tops. It is a breathtaking view even from a distance.

Climbers must stop their vehicles at the Hindu temple in the estate. If you do not have guidance, you may also receive help from some villagers. You have to hike the small footprint of the tea estate until you find a large pipeline that supplies water to the estate. You will follow the pipe until it reaches a path that runs through the point hat Estate. There are plenty of beautiful views of the slopes covered with the bright greenery of tea trees. The initial part of the climb will be through a turpentine tree trunk. The leaves falling from these trees are very slippery. So be careful.

Occasionally you will encounter wildlife. Proceed without interrupting them. Before you reach the summit, you will climb four lower peaks of Narangala. You will be able to see between the valleys of the rivers of Uma Oya, Bandulu Oya, and Loggal Oya. While getting an eagle’s eye view of the Mahaweli flood plains extending up to Trincomalee.

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