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National Independence Day 2021

National Independence Day 2021

4th February is the day Sri Lanka celebrates its 73rd independence from colonial rule. This holiday is primarily to commemorate the liberation of Sri Lanka from British rule in 1948 and to remember Sri Lanka’s struggle for independence from various regimes. Echoing the pride and spirit of patriotism felt by Sri Lankans, this festival is full of splendor and procession. The parade will include school children dancing and singing, military walks, floating, cultural performances, religious ceremonies, naval and air force performances, and cannon firing. A colorful and vibrant celebration worth experiencing.

Normally the public was able to access the festival in the years before it was held in Galle Face Green, but this time the public will not be able to access the festival due to the ongoing Covid 19 epidemic in the world. It is also stated that the PCR test has been carried out on those who are hoping to participate in the salute demonstrations on that day. The government has taken steps to implement an island-wide tree planting program to coincide with National Independence Day. Accordingly, it has been advised to implement the planting program giving priority to Kohomba plants and Kumbuk plants in public places or private lands with space and to focus on planting fruit or medicinal plants in every home.

4th February is a national holiday, which means that schools and workplaces are closed. However, due to road closures and dignified traffic, there is an intensification of traffic in and around the Galle Face area. Liquor sales are prohibited on this day in order to reduce rude or boisterous behavior so that the ceremony takes place respectfully. But that changes from time to time. Drinking in private is not prohibited, and it is best to refrain from drinking in public during the ceremony. As you walk around Colombo and its suburbs and walk further, you will see the national flag flying softly in the wind in all homes, shops, and business buildings. Sri Lanka feels a quiet pride in their independence and that is how they express it.

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