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Netball in Sri Lanka

Netball in Sri Lanka

Netball is a team game. Netball is a very interesting and fascinating game in the world today. Netball is a game played by two teams and each team contain seven players. Netball has spread in many countries and it a world  famous game. There are many rules and regulations in this Netball  game, so it teaches to be disciplined.

Each team attempts to score goals by passing the ball down the court and shooting through its goal ring. Players are assigned to specific positions.  Netball is similar to basketball and but the rules, equipments  and number of players are different.

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While playing Netball players cant run with the ball and ball must passed within 3 seconds. Netball improve flexibility and strength of players.It improves the spirit of team work and propagated in our life to behave as a good member of thr present society.

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