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Nilaweli beach in Sri Lanka

Nilaweli beach in Sri Lanka

Nilaweli beach is situated near Trincomalee and this is an ideal place for relaxation. There is a resort also located in here. Nilaweli beach is situated approximately 16 kilometers north of Trincomalee.  For many years the nilaweli beach has considered one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

Nilaweli is a coastal resort town. The top attractions to visit in nilaweli are the pigeon island national park, Sri kannaki amman kovil, veloor Thiru Murugan temple. Pigeon Island national park is also near the nilaweli beach.

Nilaweli beach is one which resembles the pearl of the east coast of Sri Lanka. there are many awesome things to do in nilaweli beach, swimming, whale watching, relaxation, and for many water sports.

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