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Nine Arch Bridge in Demodara, Sri Lanka

The Nine Arches Bridge located between Ella Station and Demodara Station is one of the tourist attractions places in Sri Lanka. This is one of the most popular must-see place that who visit in Ella. The nine arch bridge is also known as the “Bridge in the Sky”.

The bridge is located in the Demodara Loop and is 300 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 80 feet high. With a small 30-minute walk through the jungle, you will reach a piece of beautiful architecture that is hidden between lush green tea fields. Because of the nine arches, it is called this name. The stone train bridge, built by the British. The bridge was made of stone, brick, and cement. It was one of the finest examples of colonial railway construction. You have many options and ways to reach the railway bridge. For a more quiet walk in between the jungle, Turn left at the parking lot after the Art Cafe umbrella. From here you have to follow the road for about 10 minutes so you can get a unique view across the bridge.

The train crosses the bridge about 6 times a day. In Sri Lanka, the exact times are different but there should be one for every hour. Don’t worry about having to wait that long. The best time to visit the bridge is at sunrise. The lighting is breathtaking and also you miss the crowd. The architectural excellence of the bridge and the beauty of the surrounding hills show continuous growth in tourism. Those who come to the city of Ella, many other attractions that attract not only the nine-arched bridge for you but also another tourist attraction. Ella Rock, Little Adams peak are some of them.

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