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Crocodile Watching in Panama Crocodile Tank

Panama Crocodile Tank

Lake Panama is located adjacent to Helawekanda in the Eastern Province. About 12 km south of Arugam Bay lies the coastal village known as Panama. Popular as a crocodile sanctuary, the small pond and the bird watching area along the way attract a large number of tourists. A village is a great place for wildlife spotting, with the Kumana Bird Sanctuary and Heritage Park aligning its southernmost borders.

The Panama Tank is also known as Crocodile Point. It is an amazing land of lush greenery. This tank is located at a distance of 430km from Colombo. The journey from Arugam Bay to Panama Tank will be short, about 20 minutes overall, but the short drive will take you through various scenes, all of which are worth it.

Before you get to the Panama Tank you will pass through serene rural villages, seas, and forests. Once you get there you will realize that the name Crocodile Point is apt, because you will see dozens of these quick and deadly predators roaming the distance. You are sure to get a scary but exciting viewing experience. In addition, the Panama Tank is also a great place to spot rare birds. Probably due to the neighboring bird sanctuary.

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