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“Parrot Rock” The Best Viewpoint of Mirissa Beach

Parrot Rock in Mirissa

Parrot Rock is a small island off the coast of Mirissa. Mirissa beach is incredibly easy to access and the beach gives you an amazing view. This place is built in a very relaxed atmosphere which can take your mind away from work and stress. Even if you are quick to go somewhere else down the south, take about 5 minutes to reach the beach. Parrot Rock is located on the left side of Mirissa Beach.

There are plenty of buses along the coast. When you are on the Mirissa sandy beach you can see a small island view. The scenery is directly connected to the beach, which gives the advantage of climbing stairs.

However, during high tide, the road between the beach and the rock is buried in saltwater, you will need to walk in knee-high water, yes yes you will get wet, but if you arrive around 7.00 in the morning with low tide and This would be a good time to have fun with the morning sea breeze. Bringing in sun protection is essential for you as it helps to give your skin a tan that can be harmful. And also a pair of sunglasses.

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