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Pinnawala Iperanigama

Pinnawala Iperanigama

Pinnawala Ape Gama is a theme park which is situated in Rambukkana. It is also known as Pinnawala Iperanigama Theme Park. At Pinnawala Ape Gama, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the ancient village background of Sri Lanka. This magnificent structure or ancient village built near the Pinnawala Ma Oya brings great value to the tourist zone of Pinnawala. It was constructed on a four-acre land close to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Some of the attractions are:

  • The Indigenous Doctor’s House (Weda Gedara)
  • The Headman’s House (Arachila Gedara)
  • The Gypsy Family (Ahikuntaka Janawasa)
  • The Paddy Field (Kuburu Yaya)
  • The Lake (Wewa)
  • Aquatic Plants
  • The Head Farmer’s House (Maha Gamaralage Gedara)
  • The Coffee Bar (Kopi Kade)
  • The Potter’s House (Kubal Gedara)
  • The Carpenter’s House (Wadumaduwa)
  • The Blacksmith’s House (Kammala)
  • The Weaving Center
  • The Souvenir Shop

Henegedara, Pitadeniya, UrugamuwaEach attraction has its own interesting activism. Visitors can also gain knowledge of the lifestyles of ancient farmers which were based on tanks and temples as well as observe various industries in villages such as pottery and steel. The souvenir shop has beautiful traditional knickknacks at reasonable prices. Pinnawala Iparenigama Theme Park entertains both locals and tourists of all ages.

Getting to Pinnawala Ape Gama

From Kandy take the Colombo – Kandy Road and go past Peradeniya, Pilimathalawa, Kadugannawa and Mawanella up to Rambukkana. At Rambukkana continue on the Kegalle – Rambukkana Road until you reach Pinnawala where the Pinnawala Ape Gama theme park is situated.

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