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Polhena beach at Matara, Sri Lanka

Matara is a famous city in Sri Lanka situated in the Southern coast of the country. The sea view of the city with beautiful beaches is spectacular and it is beautifully presented with the glamorous look. Polhena beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches in Matara. Polhena is the closest beach to Matara city. Its only 2 km from Matara town. It is very popular with local Sri Lankans as well as tourists. In the weekends and on Poya days whole busloads with Sri Lankans from Colombo embark on the beach. This makes Polhena Beach a special and famous place.

It is the best beach in this area with a small sandy cove that’s sheltered by a reef offshore. There’s good snorkeling in the bay, and though visibility is not that great, turtles are very regularly spotted here. The local tourists are attracted by the 4 km long coral reef which lines the beach. In the midst of this coral reef swim colorful tropical fish and big sea turtles. These colorful fishes around the reef have become a good source of income for the unemployed youths to catch them for exporting for domestic fish tanks kept for delight the houses. The beauty of the extraordinary beauty of the location of the coral reefs in here really affects to the Polhena tourism. You can do a guided snorkeling tour, or go diving in Polhena Beach. When diving one can see big shoals of fish or even a manta ray or sea snake.

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Naturally, grown coral reef softens the peak waves so that it is safe to swim in this area throughout the year. Another great feature is that the Nilwala River flows through the city and directly then falls into the sea at the place of Totamuna. There is another beautiful island named as the Crow Island that is directly in front of the Polhena Beach in Matara. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place as it is beautifully located and gives a spectacular look to the visitors who are fantasized by the beauty of this place. Many people who visit this spectacular spot in Matara, come again and again to visit the natural beauty of Polhena beach. This is an ideal place for scuba diving, surfing and sunbathing. It’s a highly famed destination due to its natural swimming pool created by the coral reef.

Polhena beach is a large sea pool which has a uniform height up to a large distance from the coast. And due to the coral reef, the tides are blocked. Therefore the water is very calm and relaxing. This is done to protect and secure the tourists who are especially enjoying quality time with their families and friends in Matara. These characteristics make it a perfect place to have a sea bath in Polhena Beach It is relatively more famous among Sri Lankans than the tourists. People who are on trips through the South, tend to come here and have a bath. Especially, parents with little kids often come here to let their kids enjoy the sea, due to the safeness of the place. Because the beach is popular with locals there are many shops on the beach where you can buy goggles, water toys, towels and little snacks.

The Polhena beach area also comprises of many beautiful restaurants and hotels that are located in the commercial zone. Also, tourists can visit the place for shopping and other purposes as it contains many traditional items and gives good quality time and memories to the tourists and travel lovers. Beach restaurants here provide you with the exquisite foods and beverages along with the signature touch of Sri Lankan hospitality.

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