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Rathna Ella Waterfall in Mahiyanganaya

Rathna Ella Waterfall in Mahiyanganaya

This waterfall is popularly known as Ratna Ella which is full of supernatural force. As soon as you heard “supernatural forces” you will feel some awe about this beautiful waterfall. The reason for this is that there is an opinion among the villagers that some supernatural force is at work around this beautiful waterfall located in the village of Ratna Ella, Hasalaka in the Minipe Divisional Secretariat Division in the Kandy District and several newspapers have published about that experience. Despite its true falsity, this marvel of creation hidden in the middle of the jungle will instantly captivate onlookers.

From Kandy-Mahiyanganaya road to Hasalaka and from there take the Hasalaka-Eldamporuwa road for about 2 km to reach Ratna Falls. Also on the Mahiyanganaya road in Kandy as well as a short distance past the 18th bend, this waterfall looks beautiful in the middle of the green background.

This beautiful waterfall that originates from the Hasalaka Oya which originates in the Dumbara Hills is 101 meters high and is the 14th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Just as the surroundings of the waterfall are a haven for rural beauty, so are the paddy fields nourished by the cascading streams of the waterfall. You can also visit Hasalaka Wewa while visiting here. It is not advisable to visit here during the rainy season and it is wise to seek the advice of a villager on the way to the falls on foot. This waterfall is popular among the villagers as a place of prey. Looking at the lives captured in recent times, I also think that there is a danger behind the beauty. However, it is not difficult to find a safe place to bathe below the waterfall during the dry season.

According to the legends, Ratna Ella dates back to the time of Ravana and the villagers believe that King Ravana lived with Princess Sita in the vicinity of Ratna Ella village and that the couple used to play water sports at this place. As a result, the villagers believe that occult forces are operating in the area, as mentioned earlier. Irrigation along the road to the falls draws water to the Ratna Ella village and the water is used for all the purposes of the villagers as well as keeps the Ratna Ella villagers alive. Therefore, you who visit here should think not once but twice to dispose of non-perishable waste as well as non-perishable waste in this environment. Because this place is more of a resource that saves the lives of hundreds of people than a beautiful tourist destination.

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