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Ratnapura In Sri Lanka

Ratnapura In Sri Lanka

Ratnapura is the city of gems in south Western in Sri Lanka. Ratnapura is famous for gem collection since ancient times. It is famous for precious and semi precious stones. So Ratnapura is a major city for Sri Lanka and it is a traditional centre for the Sri Lankan Gem trade.

You can get to ratnapura from Colombo by bus,taxi or car. Distance between Colombo to Ratnapura is 67 kilometers.

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Top attractions to visit Ratnapura are Maha Saman Dewalaya, Sri Sankapala Raja Maha viharaya, Gemmological museum , Doowili Ella Fall and Katugas Ella Falls.

Ratnapura is a city of great historical value.You can have an exiting experience by visiting Ratnapura.

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