Rumassala or Buona Vista as it’s known in English is a mountain situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. It is only 5.5km from Galle city. When you visit Galle, never forget to find this amazing place to experience the uniqueness it offers. Rumassala lies on a rocky outcrop between the Galle harbor and Unawatuna beach. The top of Rumassala Mountain offers what are arguably the best coastal views along the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

There are many stories and legends surrounding this mountain that gives it a mysterious image. The story of Rumassala comes under the legendary chronicle ‘Ramayana’ which proclaims that ‘Rumassala’ is a chunk of Himalayan Mountains in India. The epic ‘Ramayana’ reveals a beautiful folklore about this place. According to Ramayana when Ravan of Lanka abducted Sita the wife of Rama and bought her to Nuwara-Eliya. Then Rama with his brother Lakshman and the Monkey God Hanuman invaded Sri Lanka to free her. Occasionally King Ravana and Rama were in the battlefields. Lots of soldiers of Rama’s army get wounded and injured in that battle. During that war, Rama and Lakshman also got injured. To cure Rama and Lakshman special kinds of medicinal herbs were needed. But that herb only grew in the mountains of Himalayas. Hanuman volunteered to go to the Himalayan Mountains and bring the herb. But Hanuman couldn’t recognize those listed herbs. So that he brought back a part of the gigantic Himalayan Mountains. After finding the required herbs, Hanuman threw away the rest of the mountain part. It is said that the part of the Himalayan Mountain was fallen to Sri Lanka, and today it is known as Rumassala.

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Biodiversity in Rumassala is rich with both the forests and the ocean around the southern coast. It is said that most of the flora and fauna found of Rumassala is endemic to this mountain and that those cannot be found anywhere else around the island. It is also is kind of proof that this mountain is not where it belongs. The forest is home to many species of birds, reptiles, and mammals including several endemic species, as well as rare medicinal plants. However, the Rumassala mountain range and the coral reefs have been ensured. Rumassala area including both the forest
and coral reefs are now protected as a sanctuary due to its valuable biodiversity. There is a significant magnetic anomaly close to Unawatuna, and that satellites cannot be placed directly above this mountain in space. Even Sir Arthur C. Clerk has admitted these properties. It is interesting that when Arthur C. Clarke came to Sri Lanka, he made Unawatuna his first home. The mystery associated with the Rumassala area may have intrigued him. All these stories and legends whether they are true or false makes a visit to this mountain a memorable experience.  There are other places of high significance, a visitor to Rumassala should not miss. All these places along with the rich biodiversity in this area directly affect to the tourism in Rumassala.

The best time to visit Rumassala is between November and April when the seas are calmer providing better swimming and snorkeling conditions. But the views, the forest and the beauty of Rumassala itself are worth visiting all year round. So, you can tour Sri Lanka and come here at any time of the year to have these experience. Watching Lanka will always remain a lot of memories and worthwhile experiences with you.

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