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Sanguppidy Bridge

Sankuppidy Bridge

Many people know Sanguppidy Bridge as a tourist attraction but do not know the history of this bridge. It is 228 meters long and 7.35 meters wide. Although plans for the bridge were drawn up during the British colonial period, it was not fully operational due to disputes between designers and local fishermen, and salt producers. Proper plans were put in place after the end of the 30-year civil war, and construction began in 2010 by Access Engineering. It was launched in 2011. If this bridge is not built from Jaffna to Mannar, it will take about 7 hours to reach Mannar via Vavuniya, but with the help of this Sanguppidy bridge, we can easily reach Mannar within 2-3 hours. It reduces the journey from Jaffna to southern Sri Lanka by 110 km. Sanguppidy is located in the Killinochchi District. It connects the Jaffna Lagoon to the mainland. It offers a beautiful view and has a great view on both sides of the bridge. Especially in the mornings and evenings people go there and watch the beautiful nature.

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