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Silver Beach in Chilaw

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Silver Beach in Chilaw, a large city about 80 km from Colombo in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, attracts visitors from miles away. Chilaw Silver Beach is a public beach that offers spectacular views of the sunset beyond the water. Sri Lanka is a hidden treasure in the world that has become popular in the last few years. It is Decorated with beautiful landscapes and scenic beaches. Sri Lanka is the perfect place to plan a vacation and get a glimpse of the beautiful integration of wildlife and nature. 

As the name suggests, the waves when to hit the shore in the sunlight gleam like silver. It is one of the best places to visit in Chilaw Still Lanka. Nearby, Chilaw Beach Park offers visitors a leisurely walk along the waterfront, a path surrounded by large coconut trees, with visitors looking out to see the waves. So, be sure to hide to catch the sunset. It will be an amazing moment in your life.

Best Season to Visit Silver Beach in Chilaw

The weather in Sri Lanka is dictated by two exact monsoon seasons. Each of which hits different parts of the island and different parts of the year. To better enjoy Chilaw and its Silver Beaches, visitors should aim to visit the southern and western coasts of Sri Lanka during the period from October to March, when they enjoy a more mild climate, Or more specifically, try to travel between January and March when the sea is calmer. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or want to relax like a hippie, Sri Lanka caters to all kinds of needs. Therefore, this can be described as one of the must-see places in our pearl.

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