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Sita kotuwa in Sri Lanka

Sita kotuwa in Sri Lanka

Sita kotuwa got its name because of sita devi, it is said that she stay here, that is why it is also called sita’s fort. Sita kotuwa is situated at gurulupotha. Some people refer to this sita kotuwa as maharani mandodri palace. Anyway it is an interesting place in Sri Lanka.

Sita kotuwa is hidden inside the jungles in gurulupotha on the way to mahiyangana. The name of sita kotuwa “ sita’s fortress” connects with the ramayanaya epic story. According to ramayanaya it is also believed that there was an aircraft repairing in the capital city of ravana.

It is said that sita devi was stayed here for less than 1 year. It is surrounded by many abundant flowers, streams, and waterfalls. it is the first place where king ravana kept sita. Sita kotuwa is an interesting place in Sri Lanka.

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