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Snake Farm in Weligama

Snake Farm in Weligama

If anyone wants to spend a day with poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka, this is a special place for them. Sri Lanka is a major destination for rich biodiversity. Known as the world’s biodiversity hotspot, Sri Lanka is home to 112 snakes. Five venomous snakes can be seen on land and another 10 venomous sea snakes can be seen in the sea.

Sri Lanka is home to snakes such as kraits, pythons, cobras, vipers, blind snakes, vine snakes, keel-backs, racers, and cat snakes. You can see all these species in the snake farm in Sri Lanka. It is located in the Weligama area of Matara near the surfer’s place. You have to travel 8 km from Weligama on the Telijawala road.

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All the snakes in the area are on a temporary basis and are taken care of when handed over to them by the villagers. The snake farm is a home for Ayurvedic treatments for snake venom. This center is run by the father and son who are the Ayurvedic doctors of the country. Usually, 20-40 rescued snakes are brought to the center daily. Tourists can handle nonvenomous snakes such as pythons, cat snakes, and beautiful flying snakes.

Poisonous snakes can be observed because they are handled by reptile experts. Keeping snakes with you is an unforgettable experience and although some may feel weird, you can enjoy that experience as you are among the trained professionals.

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