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Sorabora Reservoir

Sorabora Reservoir

Sorabora Wewa is an ancient reservoir located in Mahiyangana in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka. It is said to have been built by a giant named Bulatha during the reign of Dutugemunu. In the past, this lake was known as the Bintenna Sea. This tank has been created by constructing a 485-meter dam across the Diyawanna Oya. The Bisokotuwa structure, which regulates the pressure on the sluice gates on the inside of the tank and helps to prevent the erosion of the sluice, is not seen in this tank, but instead is strategically designed to protrude the sluice of the tank from the bank and around the tank. Sorabora Wewa is the only place where such a sluice can be seen.

King Dutugemunu went to war with Elara and on the way was caught in the northeast rain. The Mahaweli River overflowed due to heavy rains. Due to this those who could not cross the river lodged around Mahiyanganaya. King Dutugemunu saw the dilapidated Mahiyanganaya Dagoba where he was staying and repaired it. King Dutugemunu’s servants had someone to supply betel. He was the “Bulatha” giant. While on a betel-leaf mission, he saw a stream flowing between two hills. Then he had a wonderful idea. Bulatha crossed the river and started building a tank and it is said that there was no one to help him. But only his wife was there to help. She was called “Yodhi”. She was a strong woman. She brought food and drink to Bulatha every day and the journey was very difficult. She took part in this activity by crossing the road full of rocks, mountains, etc.

While bringing food to Bulatha every day, she built a stone stairway along the way, placing stones. When Bulatha finished the work on the lake, she too completed the road. The Bulatha giant who had completed the construction of the tank was eagerly awaiting the gifted of the new tank to the king. Meanwhile, the king and his entourage came to see the lake. The king was amazed to see the lake full of blue water. The king praised the Bulatha giant, saying that ‘heavy (harabara)’ irrigation was an example to others. But the lake did not have a name and those who heard what the king said began to call the lake Harabarawewa and later it became known as Sorabora Wewa. It is said that the Bulatha giant and his wife received gifts. The road built by the wife of the Bulatha giant in the past is today the 18 bend.

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