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Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple

Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple

Sri Sudharmalaya Buddhist Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the Galle Fort, which is one of Sri Lanka’s five UNESCO world heritage sites. The temple includes a large reclining Buddha and a small stupa. The temple has an unusual design including Bellfry. It shows the existence of a church some time ago. It sits at the heart of the fort’s main western street (called Rampart Street) opposite the Clippenberg Bastion.

A statue of the Buddha seated outside the small white shrine faces the sea above the fort. This place has become a very famous place nowadays. Because it brings so much beauty. The Sudharmalaya Kovil has a prayer hall, a small stupa, dating back to 1889. Today, in addition to the regular activities at the temple, yoga classes are held in the temple prayer hall. Galle Fort is the home of the multi-faith community living together and this temple is one of the three main religious buildings they meet. More than half of the population is Muslim and attends the Meeran Mosque on the corner of Rampart Street in front of the lighthouse. Several churches for the Christian community can also be found in this area.

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