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The Best Ayurvedic Treatment in the World

The Best Ayurvedic Treatment in the World

Ayurveda is considered to have been formally handed over to Sri Lanka during the 3rd century BC. Then, Sri Lanka developed its treatments in the Ayurvedic system based on a series of prescriptions handed down from generation to generation over 3,000 years.

It is crystal clear that the Ayurvedic medical system has a long history and the school of surgery is qualified with a vast array of methods for fracture treatments. From the past, it has been overlapped with native orthopedic methods which are practiced in Sri Lanka. Currently, traditional orthopedic medicine is more popular as an effective treatment modality. Therefore Ayurveda and Traditional Sri Lanka medicine are essential and integrated components of the primary health care system in Sri Lanka.

These medical systems are heavily dependent on heavily depend on plant and mineral-based medicinal products. Moreover, in traditional medicine, various preparations like; Pattu, Mallum, and Oils are commonly used as external applications for healing. Many of these medicines have been investigated for their biological activities by scientists in the universities and research institutes.

While considering the aforementioned points, it clearly shows the successful approaches of the ayurvedic system in Sri Lanka. The ancient kings, who were also prominent physicians, sustained its survival and longevity. Some ayurvedic prescriptions used by ancient kings are still used by Sri Lankan physicians. Some believe the age of ‘Hela Wedakama’ comes from the Great King Ravana as most of the real traditional medicine practitioners. Still worshiping the Ravana to obtain permission before start treatments for the patients or before start making medicines according to the ancient traditions.

Sri Lanka claims to be the first country in the world to have established dedicated ayurvedic meditations with the capability of performing surgeries even for the animals. The Sri Lankan mountain Mihinthale still has ruins of what many believe to the first hospital in the world. These places now attract tourists, who marvel at the beautiful ruins and also have come to symbolize a traditional sense of healing and care.

Recently, however many tourists seek out traditional Ayurveda in Sri Lanka at one of many Ayurveda resorts on this island, offering Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation. Some of the Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka that should visit are;

  • Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa.
  • Ayurveda Paragon Resort
  • Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara,Beruwala
  • Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort,Tangalle
  • Ayurveda Shuntava Villa
  • Plantain Villa-Ayurveda Rereat,Kalutara
  • Ulpatha Yoga Holidays…etc

For those of you visiting Sri Lanka whois attracted to travel, there is much more here. Sigiriya, Kandy, Belihuloya are some of them. Come and visit Sri Lanka’s best tourist destination in the world. You can watch wildlife, whales, elephants, tigers, waterfalls, rivers, and also you can get the world’s best ayurvedic treatments. Come join us to experience the most memorable experience in life.

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