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The Galle Face Beach in Colombo, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Because of the beautiful sea that surrounds it. The Galle Face Beach is another most tourist attraction place. It is located in Colombo, one of the busiest and concrete covered cities in the country. This beach also is known as the “Galle Face Green”. The sound of wave breaking and the sunrise give more beauty for this beach.

Galle Face Beach is a half a kilometer promenade in the heart of Colombo city which was first built in 1859 by Sir Henry Ward, Governor of Ceylon. The land area was used for horse racing and golf and was known as the Colpette Raceway Series.

There are many stalls along the beach and they offer food, drinks, kites, toys, and more. This is a great opportunity to taste street food such as shrimp (Isso wade). There is also ample space for walking, sitting, and even kite flying. During the kite season, the sky above the Galle Face Beach is overflowing with kites and local and foreign people.

Today, Galle Face Beach is a favorite destination for families, kids, lovers, and picnickers. It’s a lovely place to relax and enjoy the beach. Luxury restaurants are nearby, such as Galle Face Hotel, Shanghai-La Colombo, Kingsbury, Galadari Hotel, Taj Samudra Colombo, and Hilton Colombo. And also there has a beautiful shopping mall named One Galle Face.

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