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Thempana Reservoir

Thempana Reservoir

This beautiful Thempana reservoir is located on the border of the Thempana reserve in the Kurunegala district. This reserve is a beautiful site surrounded by mountains. The history of this reserve dates back to the reign of King Walagamba. Legend has it that King Walagamba lived in hiding in the vicinity of this mountain range and that the king organized armies for war from here. Later the king built a temple here. It is known as the Bamba Temple. It still exists.

JithaAccording to the folklore, a pond can be seen on the grounds of the Bamba temple and it was used for bathing by the king and queen of Walagamba. It is also said that King Walagamba built a tunnel from this reserve to the Ridhi Viharaya. It is said that the king secretly came through this tunnel to worship at the Ridhi Viharaya, but the tunnel has not been found yet. Rare plants have been found in the vicinity of this tropical reserve, which is rich in biodiversity. But you can’t go to see this anytime of the day, only one day a month. Only on Poya days are you allowed to visit the Tempana Reservoir and the nearby Bamba Vihara. If you are crossing the Tampana Reserve you need special permission.

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