Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka is a city located 100 km south of Colombo. It has sandy shorelines, tropical woodlands, and a large group of restaurants and hotels that make it the top choice for both local and foreign vacationers. Voyagers will find many things to do in Hikkaduwa during their trip. If you think that a vacation in Hikkaduwa is limited to beach vacations, then you need to change your perspective. There is so much to do and have fun in the city, it is not enough for one to go to Hikkaduwa at once.

Snorkeling In Hikkaduwa

Undoubtedly, the main thing to do on the Hikkaduwa beach is snorkeling. One of the two marine parks in Sri Lanka is located near Hikkaduwa. Rent some snooker equipment and after a short boat ride, you can go to a beautiful place full of corals. Once you reach your destination, you will have the opportunity to dive and enjoy the views of the underwater world.

There are many local tour operators who can organize snooker tours and the average cost is around Rs 2,000 per hour. The best time of year for snooker is from November to April. It is important to note that the coral reef near Hikkaduwa has been slightly damaged. Years of tourism and unregulated activity have contributed to this damage. However, make sure you choose an ethics activist.

Watch Baby Turtles Hatch In Hikkaduwa

It’s a great opportunity to see baby turtles. There are many places on the Hikkaduwa beach where turtle eggs are protected and released safely after hatching. Between January and April, you can visit the premises to see if the turtles have hatched. Around 6:30 pm, they release the turtles from the fort and let them run into the ocean.

You can visit the breeding ground anytime you walk along the main beach. But you have to know that in advance as the baby turtles are not released every day. This is a public area and anyone can join for free. They allow some travelers to help transport the baby turtles from the hatchery to the beach. Watching turtles is very special and easily one of the best things you can do in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Eat Seafood

No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without tasting delicious local food. Hikkaduwa has a large range of restaurants and you can get seafood at affordable prices at most restaurants. This makes Hikkaduwa the perfect place to try fresh seafood. Everything from fish, crabs, and lobsters is available.

Spa Treatments

Fortunately for those who are tired of surfing or wandering, Hikkaduwa has a large number of Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka and a large number of massage parlors and shops that offer to relax after long trips and strenuous activities.

Learn to Surf

One of the best things to do in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is from December to March. Waves are ideal for beginners and there are beach rental boards. If you have never traveled before, consider joining a study. Anyone who rents boards to teach you can pay and it is a good way to get a good foundation. Lessons start at around Rs. 2,000 per hour and include your board rent.

Tsunami Museum

The Tsunami Museum is one of the best free things to do in Hikkaduwa. It is located 10 minutes from the city center. The museum is not like the museum you normally go to, but rather a family home that collects and displays information and photos of the 2004 tsunami. The photos and words written are very heartbreaking. The 2004 tsunami really makes you think about how devastating it was for so many people.

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