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Thunhisgala is the sixth highest of the 34 peaks in the Knuckles Mountains. The elevation is 1617 meters above sea level. It is situated at the center of Knuckles area-Kalupahana which was covered with Cardamom estates 30 years ago. The name ‘Thunhisgala’ is used in the sense of ‘Thunhisa’ (Three peaks) because it rises in the middle of the mountain on three sides. It is also known as Thunthisgala as it is surrounded by 33 surrounding mountains. Thunhisgala is a place that is not very popular among many tourists in Sri Lanka but it is a very famous place among mountaineers. This mountain range separates the Kandy and Matale districts.

It is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in Sri Lanka at present. Due to the prevailing foggy conditions, only a few climbers are fortunate enough to have a clear view of the peak. Approximately whichever route you take, you only have to walk 10km to reach the top of the hill. At the top of Thunhisgala are dwarf trees. It’s because of the wind at the top of the mountain. You can safely walk through those dwarf trees to where the three heads of the mountain meet. There are still empty places on this mountain that no man has ever visited, and the destinations are extremely difficult and dangerous. Also, you have to climb this mountain to be careful of the dangers like mauza plants and wasp caves. When surrounded by fog, this mountain becomes mysterious. The nearest villages to Mount Thunhisgala are Meemure and Lebanon Estate.

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