Ella to Buduruwagala – Ravana Odyssey

4 Hours

Hosted Partner – Ravana Odyssey

5.0 Google Rating

Embark on a captivating journey from Ella to Buduruwagala with Ella Ravana Odyssey Tours. Experience the essence of Ella as you traverse lush tea plantations and winding roads, unveiling scenic vistas and local life. At Buduruwagala, ancient rock carvings reveal intricate Buddhist figures etched into the cliffs, offering moments of cultural and spiritual contemplation. As you depart, memories linger, carrying the allure of Ella and nearby Ravana Falls. Don’t miss exploring Wellawaya’s hidden gems on the route back, adding layers to your journey’s tapestry. Each stop enriches your experience, weaving a tale of discovery and enchantment in Sri Lanka’s heartland.

  • 500,000 per passenger
  • Refreshing Drink
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