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The Madu River is an intricate system of lagoons, islands, and canals that were both created naturally and artificially. The river is Sri Lanka’s second-largest wetland, covering an area of around 21 square kilometres. A variety of flora and wildlife, including mangroves, aquatic plants, and numerous bird, reptile, and fish species, may be found in the area’s surroundings, which are rich in biodiversity.

The beautiful mangrove woods along the Madu River are one of its highlights. The dense mangrove vegetation serves as an essential home for a variety of species, serves as a deterrent to erosion, and aids in preserving the river’s water quality. Exploring the river by boat is a well-liked pastime that allows people to travel through the constrained channels and take in the tranquil beauty of the mangroves up close.

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Pick-up Point:

  • Time – 6 am – 5 pm
  • Location – Balapitiya

Additional Information:

  • Trip Duration: 4 hours
  • Sightings: Kothduwa Temple Island, bird watching, fish farming, cinnamon cultivation, its intricate waterways, lush mangrove forests, diverse wildlife, and cultural experiences.
  • Certified by: Sri Lanka Tourist Board

Terms & Conditions

  • No early returns due to seasickness. Our goal is to provide an optimal wildlife experience for all passengers.

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