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Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka is so much entertained fun-filled safari to be experienced during your tour to Sri Lanka. Normally it will be a 3 to 4 hours trip which is awesomely adventurous and showing you the real rustic side of the country. Tuk Tuk safari provides the easiest and newest way of discovering famous cities or the places inside the island for tourists. You can enjoy the tuk tuk safari with much more comfortable and with an affordable price. Usually safari will start in the evening because evenings give the perfect atmosphere for traveling.

Travelling in tuks, three-wheelers has become one of the main daily habits of most of the passengers including locals as well as foreigners. Travelling in tuk tuk has now become a culture in Sri Lanka with the increasing number of tuk tuks throughout the streets. This culture is something unique to only Sri Lanka, so because of this reason most of the foreigners are dying to go tuk tuk safaris. Many innovative ideas were introduced based on these tuk tuk rides. As a result of that Sri Lankans have introduced different kinds of apps which functions looking for a tuk in the app is more easier than trying your luck one every passing tuk on the road. Believe me, tuk tuk safaris will definitely be so much fun and interesting and makes you refresh by exploring beautiful cities in Sri Lanka while having your meals in a cozy and comfortable tuk.

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Currently, they have three main types of tuk tuk safaris in Sri Lanka. They are City Safari, Food Safari, and Gala Safari.

City Safari:
The City Safari is suited to those on a budget or who are visiting Colombo or any other city for the first time and want to get an overall safari experience of the whole city.

Food Safari:
The Food Safari covers the hotspots in Colombo city, as well as the number of super famous food stops along the ride.

Gala Safari: 
The Gala Safari is known to be the all-inclusive favorite type out of the three types. This is an awesome combination of the city’s best seasonal hotspots, all the famous food stops and lots of drinks are available.

They will pick you up from your hotel or accommodation with their service radius of locations. Tuk tuk drivers will do their best to give you the best experience while the safari, so please feel free to ask them for anything you many need or want know. Though some of the humble drivers many not speak perfect international languages, they make up for it with their best service with a friendly attitude and smile on the face. Their soul aim is pretty simple.
During the tuk tuk hire, there will be some special services provided for you, so you can enjoy them as according to your preferences. Some of them are offering flowers for ladies, a fresh king coconut, ice-cold beers, Sri Lankan tasting snacks/bites, traditional Sri Lankan lunch or dinner, hotpots if you need from tuk drivers and umbrella, hand towels, pocket tissues, hand sanitizing or first aid kit, etc. Tuk Tuke safari Sri Lanka is different to nearly all typical tourist tours, as they aim to show you place and give you experiences that you many not otherwise discover while on the island, all from the comfortable, retrofitted refurbished tuk tuks.

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