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Turtles Watching Zones in Sri Lanka

Turtles watching is an interesting and unique activity you can do while watching Sri Lanka. There are several places available in Sri Lanka for turtle watching. It mainly depends on the season you visit these places. People have different feelings and comments about turtle watching in Sri Lanka, but commonly all are good and wonderful.

Here are the Places for the variety of turtles watching zones in Sri Lanka…

There are at least seven species of sea turtles that hang out on the shores of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya, Mirissa, and Rekawa are the shores where turtles tend to nest. You need to keep in mind that you can approach turtles only during their nesting period. You should be really careful with them since they are considered to be endangered species that need special care and protection.

The best time to turtle watching is from January to April. Five out of seven species of sea turtle come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka, making it an ideal country to go whale watching.

Types of Turtles

Types of turtles you can find in Sri Lanka, Green turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, Oliver Ridley Turtle, Leatherback Turtle

Mirissa beach is one of the best turtle watching zones in Sri Lanka for tourists in the southern part of the country. Mirissa bay is truly gorgeous with warm and calm blue water, fine sand and a string of palm trees underneath which turtles lay their eggs at night. Between Unawatuna and Mirissa there a lies a turtle recovery centre. It is a small building that houses 5 different species of turtle. They are the green turtle, the Leatherback, the Hawksbill, the Loggerhead and the Olive Ridley.

Best time for turtles watching

This beautiful turtle watching can only be approached when she starts laying the eggs because by then she is engaged in a very mechanical, almost trance-like behaviour and it is unlikely for her to be frightened by spectators. Turtles are very nervous when they are looking for a place to nest and can, therefore, be easily scared.

The activity involves some waiting and some walking on the beach because as with all if nature, it is the turtle that sets the time and place of the event. The whole process of a nesting turtle can take up to 3 hours. Of course, there is no guarantee that the turtles come to nest every night, but sitting on a deserted beach in Mirissa under the open starry sky is a great experience in itself.

Snorkel with the turtles at Turtle Bay

If you are blessed with beautiful weather and a low tide, be sure to hire out a snorkel and mask and head down to Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay is at the southern end of Mirissa and is the best spot to try your luck and swim with the sea turtles.

There are certain conservation projects are implementing near Mirissa. There is a spate process of caring for baby turtles which is much interesting to see. Within the turtle hatchery number of works can ben attended to the foreigners because it is a long process. Sri Lanka government also made some strong rules and regulations for protecting the animal. So, you don’t need to worry as there is no harm for this animal if you tour Sri Lanka and come here for turtle watching. All you need to do is to have this must watch experience to your life by reaching this amazing turtle watching zone in the world.

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