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Wadakada Ella Falls

Wadakada Ella Falls

Wadakada Ella Falls is located in the village of Wadakada. Located in the Kurunegala District, this is known to many as an artificial waterfall. Another special feature is that according to the records, this is known as the only waterfall in the Kurunegala district.

Wadakada Falls is a beautiful waterfall that meets the Ginneriya, Andagalla, and Udapola waterfalls and starts at a height of 6 m and flows between the Handugala and Parawigala. However, this is especially active in the Kurunegala Province, except during the rainy season, when it is completely inactive. The woodland surrounding the area of the falls is home to diverse species of wildlife, including jungle fowl, leopard, fox, etc. As per folklore, the queens of King Walagamba bathed in the waters of the falls.

Sadly, this is now a great place for outsiders to drink alcohol and a largely ruined environment that has been badly polluted. But there is still an environment where one can experience freedom with or without water, this is a great place for anyone who really enjoys the environment, but unfortunately, such a valuable place at least does not protect the villagers.

How to get there:
From Kandy take the Colombo – Kandy Road passing Katugastota, Galagedara up until you reach Kurunegala. Go past Pothuhera to reach Wadakada Road and follow on this road up until you reach Wadakada Falls.

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