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Walpolamulla, the smallest village in Sri Lanka is also considered to be the smallest village in Asia. Today, the village is uninhabited and has only one house. Walpolamulla is a village that was rich in crops even though it was a difficult village.

The beautiful mountain ranges of the Dumbara Valley including Manigala and the road leading to the Dumbara Dust Falls also fall through this village. So there is no shortage of leeches on the way to the village. Although it is a beautiful area, no one lives in this village at present due to the problem of wild elephants and the difficulty in obtaining various facilities.

To reach this village one has to cross the Matale ➡️ Rattota ➡️ Riverston road and then go to Pitawala ➡️ Rathninda ➡️ Atanwala. The village is about 4km on foot from Atanwala through the Knuckles Reserve. You will not feel tired on this journey due to the beauty of the surroundings.

Many people in the village of Atanwala use this village to graze their cattle in the lake field. The water level in the village lake gradually increases with the rain but the water level in the lake is less for most of the year. The Thunhisgala and Duwili Ella chain can be seen very well in the small paddy field of the village.

There is only one house in the village. This is also the place where many local and foreign tourists come, stay, and go. It is said that another house is currently being built for tourists. You will meet very friendly people in the village and you will have the opportunity to know a lot about the village by talking to them. So go enjoy this beauty too. Leave only footprints.

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