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Wewala Ella

Wewala Ella

Many people think that there is only one waterfall in the Kurunegala district. That is Wadakada Falls. However, there are several waterfalls in the Kurunegala District that are not well known as tourist destinations. The Wewala Falls is also a not more popular but beautiful and must-see place to go. There are several roads to reach Wewala Falls. Legend has it that this waterfall was a place where the Walagamba kings bathed. Because on the way to Rambukkana you will come across a place called Jungle Dambulla. Because there is a story that the temple was built by the Walagamba kings and hid there. There is a story among the villagers that there is a treasure inside this waterfall and that there is a cobra to protect it.

About 12km from the Kurunegala-Colombo 6 road, on the way to Colombo from Kurunegala you will find Bulugolla Junction. About 1km from Bulugolla Junction you will come across the Koladiviyankada Temple. About 10m to the south there is a road called Wewala Road. You have to go about 2km along that road. Then the Wewala temple is seen with a big bend. About 50m before there is a road to the left. (With a small shop on the right) There is a house at the beginning of that road. You can call home and park your car there. There is a road up from this house. After about 100m you will find a small mud house. Going down from there is the bathing waterfall.

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There are two parts to Wewala Falls. One is the waterfall above and the other is the waterfall below. This is the top waterfall where you can bathe. During the rainy season, it is about 10 feet deep. The maximum depth is about 6 feet in normal time and 4 feet in cooking time. (Not everywhere. It’s getting deeper and deeper like a pool.) The height of this bath waterfall is about 3-3.5m. From there you can do waterfall jumping. If you like, there is a rock on the left side where the waterfalls. You can also jump from there. Then there is a height of about 4m. But it is said that the best time to do waterfall jumping is during the rainy season or when it is raining a little. Because there are rocks underneath. If the water level is above 7 feet, there is no problem. So it varies according to your weight and height. The length of the bathing pool is about 5m-6m and the width is 3m-4m.

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