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World Heritage Day

Physically and culturally different collections are scattered throughout the world in human culture as well as in the time frame from the beginning of the earth to the present. In those cultural and physical creations, the history of the past man as well as the earth is built. Today’s society has become responsible for protecting these valuable environments. Organizations such as UNESCO are involved in the protection of World Heritage Sites because the protection of these heritages cannot be done by one country or society or culture alone.

Today (18) is World Heritage Day, declared by the International Council of Archaeological Monuments and Sites in Tunisia in 1982. Heritage related to education is its theme this time. They have designated today as World Heritage Day and are playing a significant role in protecting the heritage. In naming a World Heritage Site, they focus on ten unique features of that heritage.

• Representing great creations with human creative genius. Demonstrate a reciprocal collection of important human values ​​associated with the long-standing architectural field in the field of universal culture.

• Important phenomena related to technology, monumental art, urban planning, and land use planning.

• Features / events that bear witness to the cultural traditions or civilizations that are present or extinct in the world.

• Outstanding examples of buildings, architecture, or technology associated with specific stages of human history.

• Traditional human settlements, land use, representing specific human interactions or cultures that are currently threatened with extinction and Specific examples of sea urchins.

• Direct or tangible creations that represent works of art and literature, concepts or ideas that stand out from the rest of the world.

• Having a specific natural panacea or exceptional natural beauty or aesthetic appeal. Historical life information / records

• Being important examples representing the traditional and biological biodiversity associated with the development and evolution of flora and fauna in the traditional system, including water, beaches and the sea.

• Emergence of vital natural habitats/settlements in need of conservation, including endangered species, with universal value specific from the perspectives of science and conservation.

• Be significant examples of geological phenomena associated with landslides, or other major events in Earth’s history with other physical evolutions.

Sri Lanka also has eight such heritages, six of which are man-made and known to the rest of the world, as well as two ecosystem-rich forest systems. In preserving the World Heritage Site, it cannot be done by one institution or organization alone and it is the responsibility of everyone in the society. It can secure the heritage for the future.

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