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If you have a vacation in a cold, foggy, non-urban environment, this is a great opportunity. The beautiful Ohiya area is one of the best choices. Ohiya is a unique place with a beautiful environment. Bounded by the World Heritage Site of Mahaeliyathanna, Ohiya is a blissful ecosystem and a mesmerizing tourist destination. Beautiful Colombo – Badulla Railway runs through Ohiya. Ohiya Station is the 67th station on the mainline. It is the third tallest railway station in Sri Lanka, located 1,774 m (5,820 ft) above sea level and opened in 1893.

Ohiya is a village in the Badulla District in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka and belongs to the Welimada Divisional Secretariat. The area is accessible by Kandyan train as well as by vehicle. Located between Idalgashinna and Pattipola Railway Stations, Ohiya Railway Station is one of the fabulous destinations on the map of the tourist of the world. The village, which is also the main entrance to the Maha Eliya Plain, was recognized by the Ohiya Railway Station as an important location during the coal-fired locomotive run, as the area around the station was used to obtain timber, the raw material for trains.

There are several places you can visit if accommodation is arranged in this area.

  1. Ohiya Forest adjacent to Udaweriya Estate
  2. Devil’s Staircase
  3. Bambara Kanda Falls and Lanka Falls.
  4. Ohio Station and Railway Subways.
  5. Maha Eliyathenna (Horton Plains)
  6. Kirigalpotta is the second-highest mountain in Sri Lanka.
  7. Tholupola Mountain, the third highest mountain in Sri Lanka.

A short walk from Ohiya gives you the opportunity to visit many of the above locations, as well as special camping locations in the village. The Ohiya area is a beautiful destination for anyone who wants to experience the wonders of walking through the misty pine trees and you will never forget that life experience.

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