Colombo Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna)


The lotus tower, also known as the Nelum Kuluna, is located in Sri Lanka’s capital city of Colombo, facing Beira Lake. This tower has designed in the shape of a lotus flower. The lotus flower represents purity in Sri Lankan culture. The construction of this lotus-shaped tower is primarily for communication purposes and to advance […]

Traditional Dumbara Rata Kalala Weaving


Dumbara Rata Kalala or Dumbara mats are traditional handwoven Sri Lankan mats. These mats are called “Dumbara Rata Kalala” as they originated in the Dumbara Valley in the central area of Sri Lanka. A group of traditional weavers in the Kalasirigama in Kandy and Alokagama in Matale districts in Sri Lanka’s central region, located in […]

“Ella Odyssey” A Luxury Train Experience In Sri Lanka


The Ella Odyssey is a unique train that operates between the Colombo Fort and Badulla railway stations of Sri Lanka. Unlike the other trains, passengers of this train get the chance to experience a novel train experience. Along its route from Kandy to Badulla, the Ella Odyssey stops at the most well-known tourist destinations. Travellers […]

The Art of Puppetry in Sri Lanka


We cannot determine in which country or when puppetry originated. But we can think that it may have started with the beginning of civilization. Puppet art is known in different languages. Such as, it is called in the American language “muppet”, in the Latin language “pupa”, in the French language “pupee”, in the dutch language […]

The Kandy Esala Perahera 2021

Kandy Esala Perahera 2021 in Sri Lanka

Kandy Esala Perahera is located in the Central Province. Kandy is a popular tourist destination both locally and internationally. Kandy is the second-largest city in Sri Lanka. After, the capital city of Colombo and located about 3 hours from Colombo. It was the home of the last monarchy in Sri Lanka. It was declared a […]

Velgam Vehera Buddhist Temple

dagaba in velgam vehera buddhist temple photo

History of Velgam Vehera Buddhist Temple Velgam Vehera Buddhist temple is situated in Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka. Gonagamthota was an aboriginal settlement of the first Sinhalese in the country. It is popularly known among the Sinhalese as Trincomalee. Velgama is one of the earliest colonies, to begin with. Velgam Vehera is an ancient shrine built […]

Silver Beach in Chilaw

photo of Silver Beach in chilaw

Silver Beach in Chilaw, a large city about 80 km from Colombo in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, attracts visitors from miles away. Chilaw Silver Beach is a public beach that offers spectacular views of the sunset beyond the water. Sri Lanka is a hidden treasure in the world that has become popular in […]

Dhowa Rock Temple (Dhowa Rajamaha Viharaya)

Dhowa Rock Temple

Dhowa Rock Temple is Situated on a beautiful hillside on the Badulla – Bandarawela road. The Dhowa Raja Maha Viharaya is an enlightening Buddhist center built about 2000 years ago. The specialty here is that the temples are designed in a way that does not harm the built physical environment. History states that the place […]

Casuarina Beach in Jaffna

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach, Jaffna is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Visitors to the area can experience places of religious value, historical sites as well as many attractions. Casuarina Beach is a beautiful beach located in Karainagar in the Jaffna District. It is one of the most popular beaches in the area […]

Jaffna Public Library in Sri Lanka.

Jaffna Public Library

The Jaffna Public Library is located about 2 km from the city of Jaffna. It is one of the main attractions of the city. Built-in 1933, the library was once one of the largest in Asia. The library was burned down on May 31, 1981, as a result of the civil conflict. Prior to the […]

Baobab Tree in Pallimunai – Mannar

Baobab Tree in Mannar

The plant with the most unusual shape compared to the tall one is called the baobab tree. The island of Mannar in the northern part of Sri Lanka is home to several attractions that once served as a link to the southern tip of India. As soon as one hears of Mannar, one is reminded […]

The Ancient Kushtarajagala Statue in Weligama

Kushtarajagala statue

Kushtarajagala near Weligama town between Galle and Matara is a stone statue that is said to have been built in the sixth or seventh century. This statue was created near the Agrabodhi Rajamaha Viharaya on the Old Galle Road starting from Kumbalgama in Weligama. If you come along the Weligama New Road and turn left […]



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